How to earn a Living if You have your Own Yachts

feature-2If You had the privileged of owning a Yacht or still planning to buy one, you may consider to Use it also as a bread and butter as most Yacht can be used for business to earn a living to save so penny for rainy day or atleast save a profit for it’s maintenance. Read More→

The Benefits of Owning a Yachts

feature-3Owning a Yacht could also be expensive if you are to maintain one, though it can also be a source of income aside from having the luxury of enjoying a relaxing from the busy world alone and have a soul search or atleast, enjoy having a company of your love one. Read More→

The Rich History of Yachts

feature-1The Idea of creating a Yacht have all started from river boats that could be use on larger bodies of water, for the purpose of luxury and convenience or even for business, Yacht has evolved from multi purpose use and practical reasons and not just for leisure. Read More→