Relax And Enjoy Some Good Food At These Wonderful Pensacola FL Restaurants

Pensacola is known by several nicknames, including the Red Snapper Capital of the World. While you might want to go fishing, you don’t want to have to worry about catching your dinner. You can instead enjoy red snapper and quite a few other delicious foods as you dine at some of Pensacola’s finest restaurants. Check out these four establishments that have fared well in the rankings.

There is something about a good hot dog that is simple, delicious and just an all around great choice for a meal. Hot dogs are quick and tasty on vacation, and the places that serve them are usually pretty cool. Plus, hot dogs go over well with the kids if you have a family. One of the places for hot dogs in Pensacola is Casey’s Hot Dogs on Barrancas Avenue. The place has a great atmosphere, and as for a hot dog recommendation, the Bro Dawg is said to be one of the best.

Scenic 90 Cafe is on Scenic Highway. It sounds like the owners had an easy time naming that place, but I like what they came up with. Order up a meatloaf dinner, an omelet, fried okra and more. Reviewers mention delicious homemade pies, so be sure to save room for that dessert, too.

Up next is East Hill Market, which is on North 9th Avenue. This restaurant is a great place for lunch, and reviewers rave about the meatballs. Enjoy a nice meatball sub, and another popular menu highlight is the avocado sandwich. That sounds very interesting, and I would want to know more about that. It sounds like you can’t visit this place, however, without trying the meatballs.

Cub’s Crawfish is a unique restaurant located on Barrancas Avenue. Order up boiled shrimp, crawdads, delicious sausage, jambalaya and all kinds of good eats. In fact, you can also buy live crawfish there in case you want to make your own cajun food. It might not be the best thing to try and do on vacation, but it’s still interesting. Since you are on vacation, you can just enjoy a meal there.

In fact, I hope you get to enjoy a meal at all four of these fine restaurants. Each one of them has its own unique flare. The hot dog restaurant is a quick stop, and other picks are more of a full dining experience. It depends on what you are up for at the time as you enjoy your vacation in the beautiful city of Pensacola, Florida.